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About Us
Looking for the most sparkly accessories money can buy? Lucky for you, Lemonade is the go-to shop for all things glitter, crystals and bling. With our bedazzled creations, we aim to bring a little sparkle to everyone’s day.
Founded in 2007, Lemonade’s story begins with our owner, Laura Hope, selling handmade items at local craft fairs in Hertfordshire. Her bejewelled goods quickly blew up in popularity driving her to expand the business to worldwide exhibitions and the shelves of high-end retailers. Coming a long way from her hometown, Laura’s dazzling displays eventually made their way to popular department stores and duty-free airport shops.
Fortunately, our story doesn’t end there! Lemonade has grown even bigger, with a large following on social media and a significant online presence. Having launched several exciting collabs with influencers and notable celebrities, we’ve become a well-known destination for those wanting to live the glam life.
Now sold exclusively on our website, our products are available to customers around the whole of the UK looking for an ultra-blingy look. At Lemonade, we deliver high-quality items at affordable prices because we believe everyone deserves to feel a little bougie. In our virtual boutique, you’ll find a variety of sparkling and glitzy items including shoes, home decor, car accessories, beauty tools, pet couture, and much more. Our luxe offerings also make fantastic gifts, so brighten up someone else’s day with one of our glittery decorations.
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, feel free to shoot us a message! Rated excellent on trust pilot, our small team prides itself on offering fabulous customer service. In the meantime, take a look around our ultra-shimmery shop— something’s bound to catch your eye
Love sparkle, love Lemonade, as we say.