No one does heels like Beyonce & Lemonade!

Who doesn’t love a bit of Beyonce?

Not only can she sing, dance, compose her own music, write her own songs and put on a hell of a live performance – the woman is an out and out fashion icon.

So, in honour of her new album ‘Lemonade’, which she obviously named after our website, we’ve named some of our favourite shoes after some of our favourite songs from the album.

All hail Queen Bey!

                Hold Up 

You won’t need anything to help hold you up in these shoes. Not only are they stylish, but they are also comfortable. You can shake that booty like a “single lady” all night long on the dancefloor without fear of falling over.

 Crystal Sparkling Snowflake Shoes

                Don’t Hurt Yourself 

You definitely won’t hurt yourself in these heels. You will want to wear them day and night, and will become the most “irreplaceable” item in your wardrobe.

Crystal Sparkly Satin and Spark Shoes Black Silver


You’ll have no problems going forward in these stunning crystal peep toe heels. They’ll steal the show wherever you go and make you fall “crazy in love” with them.

Lemonade Crystal Shoes Silver 5.5 Inch Peep Toe – Red Sole


Give your toes some freedom in these strappy shoes. You’ll feel like you “run the world” while walking around in these.

Crystal Strappy Mesh Heels Black

6 inch 

6-inch heels don’t come much more glam than these. You’ll look and feel absolutely “flawless” the whole time you have these on.

Lemonade Ex-Display Crystal Shoes Lollipop Pink 5.5 Inch – Red Sole


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