Michelle Williams Loves Crystal Brooches!

Crystal BroochesCrystal brooches are making a big comeback in 2013. Tons of celebrities have already been spotted on the red carpet wearing these super glamorous accessories, including Anne Hathaway, Emma Stone, and Blake Lively. Michelle Williams especially loves the look of crystal brooches, as she is a huge fan of antique and vintage jewelry.

Crystal brooches effortlessly fit into Michelle’s signature sophisticated retro style, which is sometimes quirky and always cool. They also enhance the natural elegance of her unique pixielike beauty. Perhaps that’s why Michelle chose to don a glittering bow brooch when she attended the 84th Academy Awards as a Best Actress nominee.

For the very special occasion, Michelle also wore a stunning strapless Louis Vuitton gown that allegedly took over 300 hours to create. The burnt orange dress was constructed by hand out of silk mousseline and organza ribbons, and was an absolute sartorial knockout. Would it have made quite the same impact without the Fred Leighton crystal brooch perched delicately on Michelle’s hip? We think not.

If you want to add the same touch of classic glamour to your favorite dress, we recommend Lemonade’s Bridal Boutique Crystal Vintage Bow Brooch. It’s nearly identical to Michelle’s radiant red carpet brooch, and exudes the vintage charm that Michelle’s style is so famous for.

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