Metallic Tattoo Trend

We’ve fallen in love in the latest metallic tattoo trend that’s taking the accessorising by storm. Spotted on celebrities and stars such as the beautiful Beyonce whilst holidaying recently . These stunningly styled gold and silver design tattoos are temporary and trending everywhere. These simple designs are popular for day to day and wearing whilst on holiday and nights out in replace or with existing jewellery. The shiny metallic design and reflective styles can be featured anywhere on the body in place of bracelets, necklaces and hand design. If your holidaying in the sunshine, these tattoo’s look amazing for that beach body on your back, arms or stomach areas.


Here at Lemonade, we love the idea of these and what you can create with them so we now stock our very own designs including individual sets and packs of four for you to get creative. We also stock mix coloured and Mediterranean as well as gold and silver tattoo options. Get your jewellery inspired tattoo’s and see what stunning looks you can create and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for celebrities spotted in the metallic trend.

Beyonce photo’s by & Beyonce Official.


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