Luscious pink lips crystal phone… what more could a girl want?

Britain’s top television show TOWIE has once again outshined itself leaving us with the uncontrollable urge to glue ourselves to the TV until we have seen every new episode! Kicking off with their new series this year our favourite Only Way is Essex couple Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent have been extremely busy with mixed emotions flying around everywhere! The lovebirds started off passionately but ended in a bit of a rough patch after there perplexed ‘date night’ – hopefully they will kiss and make-up! Spotted this series between all the excitements was Lemonade’s sparkling pink crystal lips phone – envied by all of us in-between Gem and Arg, it’s a sign!

Hitting the celebrity crowd everyone is going crazy for Lemonade’s totally gorgeous crystal lips bag fashioned by celebs such as Nicola Mclean and Amy Childs – perfect teamed with your crystal lips phone! This fabulous accessory is part of the crystal couture collection and comes in four dazzling shades, hot pink, pink, red and purple – one for every girls wardrobe! Nicola Mclean wore Lemonade’s hot red lips crystal clutch this summer and teamed it with her sparkling red shoes from her range for Lemonade and it looked just stunning! If you fancy a little treat this autumn and want a luxury accessory to for those late holidays take a look at Lemonade’s crystal phone collection – there is so many to choose!

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