Lemonade party at Faces where our crystal shoes were hot gossip!

On Friday we headed to Essex’s hottest nightclub Faces to celebrate the Jubilee in style and help host our cool Britannia party…and it’s
taken us all weekend to recover! The VIP event was to help launch Lemonade’s new Union Jack jewellery range and we were certainly in the generous mood, giving out lots of sparkly gifts including a crystalised bottle of vodka and a crystalised can of coke! It does not get better than that and the lucky winer certainly did not think so! Trust us to cater the bling!
The party was decked out in our flag’s recognisable red, white and blue and what a better time to hold the party than the weekend of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. It turned out to be a huge success but the best part was meeting loyal fans of Lemonade – and hopefully a few new ones as well! They were all talking about our signature Lemonade crystal shoes which were worn by Amanda Holden at Britain’s Got Talent Final which we talked about previously as well as Nicola McLean’s new champagne crystal shoes which are new additions to her range. Our crystal shoes just can’t seem to get enough attention and we think they fully deserve it.
After a night of dancing we got up just in time to head to the street parties – a fantastic time had by all and congratulations to the Majesty herself!

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