Lemonade celebrate Women’s day wearing our crystal shoes!

1900 was a time of expansion and movement of women’s rights which has changed and shaped the world making it a better place for us to live in today. It was in 1908 where 15,000 women marched the streets of New York to stand up to their rights of shorter working hours and better-paid jobs. This was the start of a trail of events of women standing up for their selves up to 1917. This was a brave action to take on back in those days as it was strict place to live in, where women did not have a say in how they lived and worked as well as how they were treated by others.

From 1918 – 2000 international women’s day has grown into a time to celebrate global change and women’s recognition grows from strength to strength each year maintaining equality. The millennium saw even more changes to women’s rights where we now see more females in the CEO and boardroom positions, but these numbers are still not equal, along will salaries.

8th March every year events are held across the world to celebrate what we have achieved – and since the 1900’s it has been a great amount that we should all be proud of.

Today is for all you women out there and the life and countries we live in. Lemonade will be wearing our extra sparkly crystal shoes and sparkly jewellery in aid of the event, as we deserve to stand out. Happy Women’s day!


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