Kristen Stewart Wears Crystal Shamballa Bracelet in British Vogue

Kristen Stewart recently bared her bra and soul to Vogue UK. The star spoke about the perks and problems that come along with fame, and donned haute couture in a sizzling multi-page spread. What really caught our eye, however, was the crystal shamballa bracelet she wore in every single photograph.

Kristen’s crystal shamballa bracelet was all black except for one white ball. Since shamballa bracelets carry different meanings according to the color of their crystal balls, we can’t help but wonder…What do you think Kristen was trying to say with her’s?

Black shamballa balls symbolize strength and elegance, while white shamballa balls signify purity and healing. It’s no secret that Kristen’s relationships with her fans and boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, have soured since the cheating scandal broke. Perhaps her bracelet is a stylish way of making amends?

Whatever her reason for wearing it, Kristen looks beautiful in her black and white crystal shamballa bracelet. If you want to copy her look, then try on Lemonade’s Crystal Hematite Alternative One Ball Shamballa Bracelet Black.

This was Kristen’s first time gracing UK Vogue’s coveted cover. The uber-glamorous images were shot by famous photog Mario Testino, who also worked with Kristen on her American Vogue and Vanity Fair covers. Her sultry crimson pout and vampire-esque red eyes were created by celebrity makeup artist James Kallardos.

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