Glitter Trainers by Lemonade

Handbags and shoes are often labelled a girl’s best friend and it’s hard not to build up a huge collection, but sometimes it can still feel as if you have nothing to wear. Sometimes everything you own can seem…Dull!

But when your shoes glitter, it’s hard not to get excited about wearing them.

Former Liberty X singer and now glamour model, Michelle Heaton exhibits that glittery trainers don’t just have to be worn by little princesses, but can also be sported by empowered women. Recreate the look with Lemonade’s Glitter Toe Trainers in gold.

Cool and casual Blake Lively and Khloe Kardashian show that glittery shoes don’t have to be kept in the box until an exciting occasion. With glittery trainers, you can look stylish in comfort. Pair Lemonade’s Glitter Luxe Black Trainers with jeans to get the ultimate everyday look, or for a bit more sparkly go for the Crystal Glitter Sparkly Trainers, also in black.

Fashion icon Jennifer Lopez wears her trainers as the centre of her outfit, making them the sole focus of her look. Paired with block colours, Lemonade’s Sequin Sensation Sneakers come in White or Black Dazzle and illuminate an outfit to make it shine. For extra oomph choose a bold colour, such as hot pink, or a multi-colour.

British singer Rihanna matches her shoes with the pattern on her dress and makes glitter trainers a pretty accessory to her modern,statement outfit. Just like the Lemonade Limited Edition Jazz Trainers, they sparkle all over and liven up her dress. Blending well with her outfit, Rihanna styles her glitter trainers in a way that says everyone should be wearing them.

Rihanna Sneakers

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