Glimmer’s Glittering Crystal iPhone Case

iphone caseGlimmer, a career tribute from District 1, was killed by a swarm of tracker jackets in the first installment of Hunger Games, but the actress who played her on the big screen is alive, well, and making big fashion waves in Hollywood and beyond. Leven Rambin has been a red carpet and fashion week darling for years, and the rising style star just keeps burning brighter and brighter. Recently, she stepped out in NYC carrying one of the hottest “it girl” accessories of 2013 – a crystal iPhone case.

Designers, directors, and fans can’t get enough of Leven’s striking beauty. From her womanly curves to her catlike eyes, the Hunger Games star is undeniably breathtaking. However, Leven is much more than a pretty face, and owes much of her sartorial success to her refined taste and keen attention to detail.

Leven is never seen wearing or carrying anything that doesn’t enhance her overall image and look, including her iPhone. Many women don’t consider the iPhone an accessory, but Leven knows better. For a big night out in New York, she took special care to match her glittering crystal iPhone case to her brilliant blue dress.

If you’re a fashionista who never leaves home without your iPhone, you absolutely must add your own personal touch of style to it! A crystal iPhone case is a beautiful, quick and easy way to do just that. Check out Lemonade’s huge collection of glittering and glamorous crystal cases now 

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