Get the model walk in your sparkly high heels

Sparkly heels, crystal peep toe heels, crystal bridal shoes…and the list goes on with a never ending choice of fabulous heels at Lemonade. We are spotting more and more A-list celebrities wearing our shoes like our champagne sparkly shoes worn by Nicola Mclean at the Barry M event last year. We feel it is our duty to help all you fashionistas out there with some quick tips to get that killer high heel walk that everyone will notice!

Small starts – there is no need to rush into 6inch killer heels straight away. You need to train you ankles and feet so they are prepared for the highest! 2 inch heels are a really good start.

Heel toe – not toe heel. The best way to look whilst in your sparkly high heels is to place your heel on the floor first otherwise it will look very strange if you put your toe and heel down together.

Small steps all the way – do not expect to walk fast in high heels. The only way to survive is to take small steps and you will have no problems.

Straight line walking – if you walk in an exact straight line just like models do, one foot in front of another, your hips will naturally sway giving that sexy walk that we all want!

Models know how to do it – if you watch any fashion show you will see the models in 6 inch heels or higher and they always look amazing. You may need to tone it down slightly as we are not on a cat walk all the time but watching them and practicing is definitely a good place to start.

Lastly – practice and then practice some more especially on slippery surfaces or carpets and this should set you up for all the situations you may end up in, in your high heels

After patience, practice and hard work you will be a walking wonder in your Lemonade sparkly heels ready to hit those parties and events with style!

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