Fashion Crimes: Glitter Gone Wrong

WARNING: As much as we hate to admit it, glitter doesn’t always look good. When handled improperly, it can be an extremely dangerous fashion element. Let’s take a look at a few sparklers who crashed and burned, so that you can learn from their disastrous mistakes. Some of their styles are funny, some are sad, and all are to be avoided at all costs.

Welcome to the Glitter Hall of Shame.

Last year, Chanel befuddling bedazzled their models with glittering eye brows. If a look doesn’t work on the runway, it’s best to assume it’s not safe to try at home.

Kesha claims that sickly, sparkly blue lipstick is a part of her signature style, but we’re not convinced. She looks ill, and, judging by her backup singer’s pout, contagious, too.

That metallic bodysuit makes Kelly Rowland glow in all the right places, but, unfortunately, a really wrong one, as well. Glittery underwear is adorable, but not when it’s exposed for all to see.

Sadly, anyone brave enough to experiment with fashion must occasionally commit a faux pas, and Lady Gaga and Anne Hathaway are proof of that. These lovely ladies are incredibly imaginative fashionistas, and we could easily fill dozens of posts with pictures of them glittering like goddesses. However, those awkwardly glamorous gowns make Gaga and Ann look like lost fairy godmothers, not the belles of the ball we know they are.

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