DIY Celeb Style: Effortless Glitter Dipped Nails

Suddenly, glitter dipped nails are everywhere. We’re seeing them on the streets, runways, and red carpets. If you’re keen to try out this fashion forward look for yourself, then read on. In our DIY guide, you’ll learn how to get and lose this hot trend in less than the time it takes to snap your soon to be perfectly polished fingers.

Glitter dipped nails might look tricky, but they’re actually very easy to achieve, especially if you’re using quality polish. We recommend Deborah Lippmann’s glittery goodies, and so do many celeb manicurists. If you’re looking for a trustworthy base color, opt for Essie’s chic range of flat and metallic colors.

Once you’ve picked your polish, prep your nails for a manicure just as you normally would. Then, bust out the glitter. To create a “dipped” effect, simply start with a heavy application of polish at your nail’s tips, and gradually lighten the load as you move towards their bases.

Now, if you’ve ever worn a glittery polish before, you know that getting it on is only half the battle. Getting the gritty stuff off is more often than not the hardest part. Here’s the easiest, most pain-free way to do it:

1. Soak cotton balls with your favorite nail polish remover.
2. Place a saturated cotton ball on each finger, hold down, and secure with aluminum foil.
3. Wait 5 minutes while the magic is happening.
4. Pull off foil and cotton to reveal nude nails.

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