Crystal eggs and crystal jewellery this Easter

Easter is drawing near and many of us are looking forward to a well-deserved 4 day weekend break so let’s hope this cold weather picks up for us! Some of us will be attending church for traditional, special Easter Sunday services to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ from death.

Many people may find themselves decorating Easter eggs – hard boiled or chocolate, sharing all kinds of tasty chocolate and of course eating as much chocolate as you like!

Additional to this – many children out there may even believe that an Easter bunny will drop by their house and hide eggs for them which they have to hunt to find! Yes It is a great time for families and friends to get together and have fun, enjoying quality time together.

In aid of Easter celebrations at Lemonade we have come up with an exclusive Easter egg design, which is a hard boiled egg – fully covered with our luxury crystals, hand made by our in-house specialists. I bet you did not expect to see a crystallised egg this year! We could not resist to see people’s faces at the Wow factor, and numerous eggs have been sent to our favourite magazines as Easter gifts. They will definitely brighten up any office so we had to spread the word and donate our crystal Easter egg to nearby offices around London and the UK.

We have had great responses from the Lemonade Facebook page as well – all of our Lemonade followers were truly taken by our new design which made the whole exercise worth it! We will be teaming up the crystal egg with our sparkly crystal jewellery and sparkly crystal bangles this weekend so watch out!

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