Be Glamorous Lemonade Summer Bride this Season

If there’s one day when you want to look stunning, it’s your wedding day. You also want to be practical on this busy day.You probably would like to carry a few needful things along so you’ll have them on-hand as you prepare for the reception or as you drive away into the sunset with your beloved.Bridal handbags are both beautiful and practical for this purpose.

Bridal clutch bags, or wedding purses, come in all sizes and shapes with many dashing designs, and with just enough room to carry those small personal items such as your Lemonade Glitter Lips, eye liner, Lemonade Glitter Eyes Kit and  perfume ! After the wedding, there are always photos, reception food and drink, and a time of fellowship with family and friends. A bridal handbag allows you to carry a few things along to touch up your hair and makeup as you make the transition from the wedding to the reception.

Types of Bridal Handbags

Bridal handbags are often small and easy to carry. They can be decorated with sequins, beads, crystals, lace, ribbons, miniature tassels, or precious stones. Wedding handbags are usually made of materials such as satin and silk but the Lemonade bags are made of ultra sparkly crystals in various sizes and colors.

There are three basic styles of handbags for brides: clutch, fancy, and structured. Clutch bridal purses are typically made of silk or satin, have an inner lining, and do not have straps or handles. The Lemonade clutch bags are unique as they are custom made and are completely encrusted with dazzling crystal elements.

Fancy handbags are usually also made with elegant designs embellished with precious stones, crystals, or beads. They also come with decorated handles made of metal or cloth with optional shoulder straps. Structured wedding handbags have a stable bottom and are usually made of satin, silk, nylon, or polyester. They also usually have handles and clasps made of metal.

Accentuate Your Wedding Dress

Bridal handbags are a great accessory for your wedding attire. Choose a Lemonade bridal purse that matches or complements your dress, your Lemonade jewelry, tiara, and Lemonade wedding shoes. The handbag should be made of the same or similar material as your dress and have similar patterns and designs. If your dress has lace and silver crystals, find a wedding bag from the Lemonade collection decorated with silver crystals – like the Lemonade Crystal Heart Bag Silver .

Choose a bridal handbag that fits your style and your figure. The handbag should be easy to handle and not too large. You don’t want to attract too much attention to your wedding purse. It shouldn’t stand out, but it should blend with your other attire. It should add a touch of elegance without dominating the reception photos.

On the other hand, if this is your second wedding and you need to include red detail in our wedding outfit go for the Lemonade Kiss Kiss Hot Lips Clutch Bag Red .

Wedding Handbags as Bridesmaid Gifts

Wedding handbags can also be ordered to match the dresses of bridesmaids and given as gifts from the bride. Choose handbags that your bridesmaids can use for other occasions, not only at the wedding. Every woman and girl loves a new handbag, so these make excellent gifts! Lemonade’s collection of crystal bags has a range of soft and pastel toned clutch bags like the Lemonade Crystal Dazzle Luxurious Clutch Bag Peach or the Lemonade Crystal Sparkling Pearly Clutch Bag

If you’re not sure where to shop for bridal handbags, you can find a variety of styles browsing the Lemonade Bags Collection along with other wedding accessories such as tiaras, ring cushions, jewelry, and more from our Bridal Collection. Use these tips to find a lovely bridal handbag and accessories for your special day!

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