18K White Gold by Lemonade

A girl has got to love her sparkle and now there’s a whole new collection coming to the Lemonade website!

After the success of all the other couture collections Lemonade are launching a brand new, super-luxury 18k Gold Collection, featuring the latest unique designs for earrings, necklaces and rings. These classy, gorgeous jewellery pieces are for the poshest of occasions and should be worn with an air of confidence.

There was a time when gold was a little less eye-catching and a lot less fashionable but now it’s back in full force with a whole array of beautiful ways to wear jewellery. Just look at the celebrities who have been making appearances in similar jewellery.

At Glastonbury this year British singer Adele wore layered gold jewellery in 18ct yellow gold, including bracelets and rings. The designs are based on timelessness and appear like relics. Fitting, as Adele is leading the way in unearthing these stunning pieces.

Reality TV personality Kim Kardashian rocks the gold chain and shows that sometimes less is more. The delicate and simple piece will look amazing while a wide array of outfits and adds that extra shimmer every girl wants. While this Necklace has a personalised bar with the name ‘Nori’, any basic design will look amazing.

Even as early as summer last year fashion icon Jennifer Lopez was wearing this insane gold ring. With layers of yellow cold and the ends covered in diamonds, it’s massively glamourous and can be worn with a variety of outfits

Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming 18K Gold Collection so you can sparkle too!

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